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Consumers are looking to social media creators to learn how to live sustainably. Brands want to work with creators who talk about climate-friendly lifestyles in an approachable way. This is an opportunity!

Step Zero provides support so that social media creators like you find your authentic climate story, and grow your influence and business in the process.

Start now, and take your super-powers to the next level.

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In This Together

Learn from the community of creators who are showing us the way to talk about climate and sustainable living in their brilliant content. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Start Learning – By Chapter

Step Zero’s library of bite-sized learning materials has been curated by experts so you can feel confident. Start with the big questions (What is climate change? What is my role?) or delve into the specifics most relevant to you (How can I talk about it and inspire my followers?) 

The Problem: What is it and why does it matter

The Problem: What is it and why does it matter

Step into the heart of climate science. Let’s cut emissions, adapt, and shape a resilient future as our planet warms by 1.2°C.

Tag: Climate Science

Time: 14min

Format: Quiz, Video

Lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin
Climate Outreach

Lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin

Explore the link between individual lifestyle change and systemic shifts in this co-authored chapter for the UN Environment Programme’s 2020 Emissions Gap report.

Tag: Individual Actions

Time: 3min

Format: Article, Video

Step Up – And Join The Community

Step Zero is just getting started. Our vision is to empower creators with trusted resources, support from experts and community to lead the charge for sustainable change, one post at a time. 

For social creators who join Step Zero, you’ll immediately get:  

  1. The on-demand learning tools you need to feel confident talking about climate and sustainable actions
  2. Access to experts, live training webinars and events tailored tools to support your journey
  3. Increased visibility with sustainable brands to unlock paid opportunities
Creators featured in Step Zero Library

About Step Zero

Step Zero is a not-for-profit initiative backed by social platforms, brands and climate communication experts who are here to help creators like you use your super powers to accelerate climate solutions. 

Learn more about Step Zero!